Oct 12th 2021
5 More Characteristics of A Well-Dressed Man
5 More Characteristics of A Well-Dressed Man

A previous blog post discussed five characteristics of a well-dressed man. When that post was first completed, we realized that we hadn't done the topic justice. Well-dressed men exhibit more characteristics then the five we originally discussed. Thus, the need for a second post.

If you've not read the original post, we encourage you to do so now. Then come back and read these five additional characteristics of a well-dressed man. As always, remember that GC Tech overshoes represent the best opportunity to protect your footwear from the weather.

And now, without further delay, here are five more characteristics of a well-dressed man:

1. He Understands Personal Style

A well-dressed man understands what it means to have a personal style. There are general styles that define mainstream clothing, but those styles can be modified and adapted to match a man's personal style.

One's personal style combines the general style trends of the day with what a man feels about his own clothing choices. A well-dressed man knows how to create the perfect combination.

2. He Isn't Afraid to Take Chances

Styles change over time. As such, so does a man's personal style. A well-dressed man is not afraid to take chances as his style evolves. He is willing to try new things.

For example, men would rarely wear pink 50 years ago. Various shades of teal and yellow were also off limits. That is no longer the case. All three colors are now on the table for well-dressed men thanks to the willingness of a few to take a chance back in the 1990s.

3. He Knows How to Care for His Clothing

A well-dressed man doesn't have to settle for permanent press and cotton-poly blends. Why? Because he knows how to take care of his clothes. He knows how to wash each piece in his wardrobe. He also knows what needs ironing and what does not.

The ability to care for one's clothing opens the door to many more choices. A man doesn't have to shy away from a 100% cotton dress shirt that requires ironing. He doesn't have to shy away from wool, silk, and other materials.

4. He's Not Afraid to Use a Tailor

Sometimes, being well-dressed means involving a tailor. It means spending a little extra on tailor-made clothing that fits just right. Well-dressed men are not only unafraid to use a tailor, but they also welcome the opportunity.

There's nothing quite like a tailor-made suit. Enhance it with a pair of shoes and you have a winning combination. And for the record, any tailor worth their salt will recommend wearing waterproof overshoes to protect the feet in bad weather.

5. He Has Confidence

The culmination of our two blog posts is the final characteristic of a well-dressed man: confidence. When a man exhibits all of the other nine characteristics, he is confident about himself and his appearance. That confidence shows in the way he carries himself, the way he does his work, and even the way he interacts with other people.

There is a lot to be said about confidence in a variety of settings. For the professional man, confidence is often the difference between success and failure. Well-dressed men with a confident mindset succeed more often than not.

To us, it's a shame to go to the effort to be a well-dressed man but neglect your shoes. Please don't. Instead, take care of your shoes with a pair of high-quality waterproof shoe covers from GC Tech. Our shoe covers are made to last. They are weather resistant, easy to slip on and off, and quite comfortable.


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