5 Characteristics of a Sophisticated Man

5 Characteristics of a Sophisticated Man

Here at GC Tech, we sometimes promote our waterproof dress overshoes as ideal for the sophisticated man. When we speak of being sophisticated, we are referring to how a man presents himself. A truly sophisticated man offers a very distinguished presentation. It's easy to spot if you know what you're looking for. It is our position that men's shoe covers are an integral part of maintaining that presentation.

To illustrate our interpretation of the sophisticated man, we have put together a two-part blog post series discussing the most common characteristics sophisticated men display. Hopefully you will find them familiar.

1. A Confident Attitude

Before even thinking about clothing and fashion trends, a truly sophisticated gentleman displays a confident attitude. This is important inasmuch as he has to own his clothing choices. If he is unsure of how to dress for any particular occasion, he will also be ensured of his choices well after he arrives at that particular event.

A sophisticated man is confident enough to wear slip-on shoe covers in a rainstorm. He is confident enough to take the shoe covers off and place them in a convenient carrying bag once inside. And still, he is not arrogant. There is a difference.

2. Proper Shoes

As long as we are talking about waterproof shoe covers, a sophisticated man wears proper shoes for every occasion. He knows that there are different shoes for different types of activities. The office may be an ideal environment for his imported wingtips. Joining friends at the club is good reason to wear the deck shoes. He wears tennis shoes when he takes the kids to play in the park.

For each occasion, his shoes are in top condition. They are clean. The laces are properly tied, and scuff marks have been addressed.

3. Well-Groomed Face and Head

It is true what they say about shoes: people really do notice them. Likewise, they also notice whether or not a man is well-groomed. The sophisticated man always presents a well-groomed face and head. If he is clean-shaven, he will not go out in public with even the slightest bit of stubble. If he is bearded or mustached, his facial hair is uniformly trimmed.

As for his hair, it is kept trimmed and neat. He keeps it combed and, if necessary, he utilizes a hair tonic to keep everything in place. The sophisticated man carries a comb, too. He is not afraid to step into the washroom and get himself together.

4. Properly Coordinated Clothing

Clothing coordination is important to the sophisticated man. He doesn't throw on whatever and proudly declare that he doesn't care what others think of him. He knows that paisley and plaid do not go together. He never mixes red with green except when attending ugly Christmas sweater parties. And for the record, a truly sophisticated man doesn't need his wife or girlfriend to coordinate his clothing for him.

5. Judicious Cologne Selections

The final characteristic for this post relates to cologne selections. A truly sophisticated man knows how to make judicious choices. He considers time of day and occasion. He considers the season. More than anything else, he applies cologne sparingly. He knows that the goal is a subtle scent rather than an overpowering odor.

That about wraps up this post. Be sure to check out the second part of this two-post series where we discuss five more characteristics of a truly sophisticated man. In the meantime, how are you situated for shoe covers? We make waterproof shoe covers in both slip-on and zip-up models. We believe they are among the best you can buy.