5 More Characteristics of a Sophisticated Man

5 More Characteristics of a Sophisticated Man

Creating a sophisticated presentation is important to many of our customers. That's why we often refer to GC Tech waterproof dress shoe covers as being ideal for the sophisticated man. Yet men define sophistication in different ways. We offered a glimpse into our definition in a previous post discussing five characteristics of the sophisticated man.

This post is a follow-up to the previous one. In fact, it is the second of a two-part series. Assuming you read the first post, what you read here needs no further introduction. Let's get right down to five more characteristics of a sophisticated man.

1. He Acts His Age

A sophisticated man may feel like he's twenty despite being in his fifties. That's fine. He still acts his age by dressing appropriately. A truly sophisticated man doesn't pretend he is something he's not. His presentation is not that of a full-blown midlife crisis – even if that's what he's feeling. He knows how to control himself and dress appropriate to his age.

2. He Knows How to Wear a Shirt

Next up, the sophisticated man knows how to wear a shirt. This applies to every shirt in his wardrobe, though it is more applicable to buttoned dress shirts.

In the absence of a necktie, the sophisticated man only unbuttons the top button; nothing more. He certainly does not leave the first four or five buttons open to display a chest full of bling. Even a man with enough wealth to purchase tons of bling knows that displaying it is gauche.

3. He Knows How to Tie a Tie

There was a day when every American male knew how to properly tie a necktie. That art has long since been lost. These days, men forced to wear ties for work either do a terrible job tying them or use clip-ons. In either case, their lack of knowledge is evident.

There is a certain art to correctly tying a tie so that it presents a triangular knot with perfect symmetry. Learning to tie a tie only takes minutes. Mastering it takes much longer. It also takes a lot of practice. A truly sophisticated man is willing to put in the time and effort to get it right.

4. He Avoids Wrinkles

Ironing is another skill that has gone the way of tying ties. There was a day when men everywhere knew how to iron their own clothes. Then came the permanent-press era. And even though permanent-press fabrics begin looking ragged after just a few washing cycles, people stopped ironing their clothes anyway.

Not so for the sophisticated man. He is not fond of wrinkles; he avoids them at all times. He is careful about how he sits while wearing a business suit. He is careful about where he places his jacket when he takes it off. And when necessary, he pulls out the iron and takes care of his slacks and shirt.

5. He Accepts Others as They Are

The final characteristic of this two-part series is one of acceptance. In other words, the sophisticated man accepts others for who they are. He understands that not everyone cares to dress like he does. He is fine with the fact that some people are not as concerned about their presentation. He is okay with that because he is confident in himself and his own presentation.

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