5 Reasons Why GC Tech Design ‘s Shoe Covers should be in your Wardrobe

5 Reasons Why GC Tech Design ‘s Shoe Covers should be in your Wardrobe

Men are like race cars, always revving their engines and zooming from one event to another. Whether it is running between business meetings, or squeezing in a quick brunch date so their love life is not entirely dead, or making sure that they make it in time for their best friend’s bachelorette party; men are always on the move. And while they are aboard this non-stop thrill ride called ‘life,’ it’s their shoes keeping them on their feet, helping them get to places in style! 

With GC Tech Design’s revolutionary overshoes for men, you can now give your shoes the care, attention and protection that they deserve. From the shoe cover design to its impressive features, here are 5 reasons why you must add GC Tech Design’s shoe covers in your wardrobe inventory, ASAP!

  1. They are Weather-Resistant 

Come rain or shine, with GC Tech, your shoes will be fine!

There is no doubt- nature sure gives shoes a run for their money! Whether it is rain, snow, the Sun’s heat or some plain ol’ mud, it can turn a pristine pair of shoes into a stained, cracked, shrunken and dirty mess. With GC Tech’s weather-resistant overshoes, made of a superior quality, soft-shell fabric, your shoes will now be protected from the fiercest forces of nature. 

  1. They are Breathable 

Another outstanding feature of the soft-shell fabric is that it has the ability to be high-performing, while still remaining light-weight and breathable. Its secret weapon is a unique combination of synthetic fibers and spandex or elastane, woven together in such a way that the overshoes are not only strong enough to take any bullet from nature, but also as light and airy as a breeze! 

  1. They Stretch to Fit 

How many times have you found yourself waking up at 8:15 a.m., hoping you’d be at work by 8:00 a.m.? Probably more times than you can keep a track of!  And when you are racing against the clock, those three minutes you can save not having to worry about tying on your shoes can be the real game-changer. That’s exactly the kind of privilege GC Tech’s overshoes for men give you! They stretch to fit your shoe, making them easy to slip on and slip off. 

  1. They have Anti-Slip 

Just when you thought we were done raving about the awesome fabric that GC Tech’s waterproof overshoes are made of! From snow-laden, slippery grounds to dusty out backs, take every step with safety, confidence and assurance, with our anti-slip technology. It gives you grip and traction in all weather conditions, and on all sorts of terrains, while making sure that the shoe cover fits you like a glove, a snug and comfortable fit. 

  1. They are Stylish 

Say good-bye to those outdated, cheap-looking, blue shoe covers that make you feel like you just stepped out of the OR. With GC Tech’s super-stylish shoe covers for men, you will look sharp and classy no matter where you go! And the cherry on top? They come in a luxurious, waterproof bag so you can take them anywhere and everywhere. 

Ready to step out of your dull, uninspired footwear game? Click here and get your hands on some of GC Tech’s bad boys!