Additional Protective Clothing to Go with Your Shoe Covers

Additional Protective Clothing to Go with Your Shoe Covers

We will be totally honest with you. We hope that before leaving the GC Tech website, you will make the decision to buy a pair of our waterproof overshoes for men. We don't think there is a better overshoe out there. Be that as it may, we also understand that protecting your shoes is not your only concern when the weather turns unpleasant. Your shoes are just one part of your wardrobe.

Whether it is a winter snowstorm or a heavy spring shower, inclement weather brings more than just precipitation. You also get wind. And when wind and precipitation combine, they can do a number on your clothes. That is why you make such an effort to protect what you wear.

High-Quality Protective Overcoats

Professional men who normally wear suits to the office need a high-quality overcoat for inclement weather. This could mean one of two things. During the warm weather months, a waterproof overcoat more than capable of repelling rain is an absolute must. But your spring and summer overcoat may not be warm enough to handle the winter months.

For that, there's nothing better than a good, genuine wool overcoat. Wool is an incredibly durable fabric that holds up very well against the wind. Needless to say, the wind will not 'go right through you' when you're wearing wool. Light to moderate snow will not bother it either. Best of all, it looks great. A knee length wool overcoat and a pair of GC Tech waterproof overshoes will have you looking good regardless of the weather.

Hats, Scarves, and Gloves

Professional men may not be too fond of wearing hats because they don't want to mess up their hair. However, sometimes there really is no other choice. A wide-brimmed leather hat or a quality fedora generally does the trick. As for the rest of the upper body, don't forget the scarf and gloves.

A comfortable scarf around the neck makes up for the fact that your overcoat isn't designed to cover above the shoulders. Tucked in around the front of the coat, that same scarf will protect your collar and tie. As for gloves, it only makes sense to wear a nice dress pair when you're walking outside.

Scars and gloves probably won't be necessary during the warm months. A good hat, on the other hand, is a necessary accessory for keeping the rain off your head. Would you rather have to comb your hair or deal with soaked locks when you arrive at your destination?

Perhaps a Three-Piece Suit

Three-piece suits were all the rage among business professionals 40 and 50 years ago. We've gotten away from them in recent years, but a good three-piece suit can make a difference when it's cold out. You get a vest that adds an extra element to your sophisticated style. At the same time, the vest also represents another layer to help keep you warm.

The one thing you don't want to do is mix-and-match. Do not take the vest from one suit and wear it with another suit that was never intended to be three-piece. It will look odd. You are better off leaving that vest with the original suit and donning a sweater instead. Sweaters can work very nicely under suit coats.

Waterproof shoe covers take care of your shoes, socks, and feet. For the rest of you, you'll need a variety of additional clothing items when the weather turns nasty. Just remember that a professionally dressed man doesn't look so professional if his clothing is exposed to the weather. So take care of what you wear.