Appearing Well-Dressed In All Sorts of Weather

Appearing Well-Dressed In All Sorts of Weather

Weather has a funny way of influencing how we dress. When it's hot and sunny, shorts and tank tops are in order. Cold and snowy weather leads to long pants, flannel shirts, and heavy winter coats. But when you are a business professional, your daily clothing is business attire. Your job is to appear well-dressed regardless of the weather.

To say this is challenging is an understatement. Consider the attorney with a closet full of business suits. He wears a suit every day of the work week. It matters not what the weather forecast is calling for. One day's forecast may call for a raincoat and good pair of men's slip-on shoe covers while another will have the attorney loosening his tie and unbuttoning his top button when he's not in court or consulting with clients.

So, how do you appear well-dressed in any weather? By being prepared no matter what the forecast calls for.

Dressing for Foul Weather

It is a lot harder to appear well-dressed when the weather is foul. For starters, foul weather doesn't play well with dress shoes. Rain can leave behind ugly spots. Snow and salt leave behind grit, grime, and stains. You can leave your shoes at home and wear a pair of boots instead. However, boots don't look very professional. A better solution is a good pair of men's slip-on shoe covers.

You still need your jacket and tie on the job, so choosing a parka or heavy winter coat you cannot wear over the jacket presents a problem. You either carry your jacket separately or you wear a heavy overcoat instead.

The point of the two examples is to suggest that you prepare for foul weather by procuring the necessary outer gear. You want foul weather gear that not only protects your business suits, but also makes you appear well-dressed at all times.

Dressing for Warm, Sunny Weather

High temperatures and bright sunshine can make it more difficult to appear well-dressed. Thankfully, overcoming such conditions isn't as difficult as dealing with foul weather. Maintaining your appearance in warm weather is more about choosing clothing that helps you stay as cool as possible.

Just like you invest in shoe covers for foul weather, investing in breathable tailored shirts and business suits made with lighter fabrics is the way to go for warm weather. Avoiding dark colors like black and navy blue can help a great deal when the sun is out and the mercury is rising.

The interesting thing about dressing for warmer weather is finding a balance that accommodates being both outdoors and indoors in the same day. You are destined to experience higher temperatures and beautiful sunshine as you walk from your downtown office to court. But once indoors, you will have air conditioning to keep you comfortable. Your clothing has to accommodate both.

Take Care Of Your Clothes

Business professionals learn, over time, how to dress well regardless of the forecast. Maintaining a top-notch appearance then becomes a matter of taking care of one's clothes. That's where things like shoe covers and overcoats come in handy. The better care you give your clothing, the longer you will maintain its appearance.

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