Are Your Shoes a Memorable Part of Your Personality?

Are Your Shoes a Memorable Part of Your Personality?

Each one of us has those memorable parts of our personalities that will live on long after we leave this Earth. Some of those things are personality traits and quirks. Others are more tangible, like possessions. For example, some people are long remembered for the way they dressed. That leads us to a question inspired by a recent New York Times Magazine article: are your shoes a memorable part of your personality?

The New York Times Magazine's Amy X. Wang and Abelardo Morell put together a fantastic piece in late 2021 taking a brief look at some of this country's most well-known cultural icons and the shoes they wore. Some of the shoes are more memorable than others. Yet in every case, the shoes in question were important enough to still be appreciated today. They haven't been thrown in the trash or sent to the thrift store.

Eric Carle's Italian Dress Shoes

The first cultural icon on the list, artist and illustrator Eric Carle, sticks out in our minds because the shoes he was known for are shoes we would expect most people to take very good care of. They were expensive Italian dress shoes one would normally associate with a legal professional, politician, or business executive. They were the kinds of shoes we would always recommend protecting with a good men's shoe cover.

Ironically, Carle refused to wear anything else on his feet while working in his studio. He also wore a white lab coat over his regular clothes. Carle died in May 2021. His shoes live on, such as they are, spattered with all colors of paint and ink.

It has been said that Carle's mission in life was to bring more color to the world. To him, a bit of yellow paint adorning the top of a pair of black dress shoes offered the perfect illustration of what he believed: life may be quite dark and drab at times, but there are ways to brighten it up with color.

No Shoe Covers for Carle

It makes sense that Carle would not cover his shoes with waterproof shoe covers. It also makes sense that he would not wear galoshes in his studio. Why cover a pair of black Italian dress shoes when they are the perfect canvas for paint and ink? That appeared to be Carle's mindset. No shoe covers for him.

On the other hand, you may not have that luxury. If you showed up to a business meeting or a court date dressed in Mr. Carle's color-spattered shoes, you would definitely get second and third looks. It would be difficult for anyone to take you seriously as a professional.

Make Your Shoes Count

The dress shoes you wear on a daily basis may not be a memorable part of your personality. You may never be remembered for your footwear once you pass on. Still, that doesn't mean you shouldn't take good care of your shoes. You can still make them count as an important part of a wardrobe designed to present a professional image.

Our waterproof shoe covers are designed to be everything you need to keep your shoes in tip-top shape. They are made with a revolutionary waterproof fabric that is both breathable and flexible. You will find our shoe covers are more comfortable and durable than those cheap, silicone rubber galoshes you normally buy from discount retailers.

Eric Carle never would have covered his work shoes with our shoe covers. We are okay with that. His work shoes are a memorable part of his personality that will live on.