Don't Look Like You Just Came in Out of the Rain

Don't Look Like You Just Came in Out of the Rain

Getting caught in the rain can be awfully romantic in the movies. In real life, not so much. Rain makes a mess of everything from your hair to the clothes on your back. It can do a number on your shoes, too. This is one of the reasons GC Tech set out to design the world's best slip-on and zip-up shoe covers.

As a potential customer, we want to encourage you to do whatever you can to avoid looking like you just came in out of the rain. We get that your business often requires you to walk city streets in inclement weather. But once you get indoors, no one has to know. No one needs to know. A good pair of men's shoe covers keeps your shoes looking clean and dry. There are raincoats, hats, and umbrellas to protect the rest of your clothing.

Your Image Means Everything

You dress the way you do because you are a professional. And as a professional, your image means everything. You need people to see you in the correct light regardless of the weather. You cannot afford to present a bad image under any circumstances.

With all that said, looking like you just came in out of the rain can present a number of bad images. Here are just a few the possibilities:

  • You don't plan well. Getting caught in the rain without protective clothing is an indicator of poor planning. Maybe you normally go out of your way to plan everything. Perhaps today was an anomaly. It doesn't matter. Being caught in the rain can leave others assuming you don't know how to plan.
  • You don't prepare well. Hand-in-hand with poor planning is poor preparation. Maybe you were fully aware of the weather forecast but you failed to prepare for it. The result is the same. You are soaked to the skin when you arrive at the courthouse, the office, etc.
  • You are unconcerned about your appearance. You could present an image of not caring about your personal appearance. That is no good for a professional. If you do not care what you look like, your colleagues might question how much you really care about your work.

Perhaps you think this is much ado about nothing. We get it. Still, the experts say that first impressions are terribly important. Psychology Today contributor Arthur Dober, D.S.W. explained in a 2013 post that "first impressions matter, for good and bad."

He also explained that, while first impressions are important, substance ultimately trumps them. This is to say that you can overcome a bad first impression by proving your competence, authority, etc. But you will have to work harder to do so. Why make it any more difficult when it is so easy to present a good first impression?

Your Shoes Do Matter

Believe it or not, your shoes do matter to first impressions. You can look impeccable from the top of your head down to your ankles. Yet your entire appearance could be ruined by wet, spotted shoes. You can look like you just came in out of the rain simply by not wearing shoe covers over the tops of your dress shoes.

We sell state-of-the-art zip-up and slip-on shoe covers for men because we understand the importance of maintaining a professional look. There is no need for you to look like you just came in out of the rain, even though you may have. Our shoe covers represent just the first step in making sure you look good regardless of the weather.