Dressing Professionally: Do Shoes Really Make the Man?

Dressing Professionally: Do Shoes Really Make the Man?

General rules of accountability demand that the professional man not do anything haphazardly. This includes getting dressed in the morning. Professional dress is key to success in so many situations. It sets the stage for how a man is perceived by others.

The importance of dressing professionally can be illustrated by exploring a commonly made statement: shoes make the man. Do they, really? We will assume they do for the purposes of this post. And in fact, we will make that assumption because there is actually some scientific validity to it.

A 2012 study out of the University of Kansas demonstrates just how critical shoes are to making a good first impression. Among the study's many findings was the shocking reality that people are able to accurately predict employment, income, and general personality traits just by looking at someone's shoes.

Dressing for the Job

Let us unpack the research findings a bit. We will start by asking a simple question: what do you do for a living? As a professional man, you are expected to dress for your job. Perhaps you are a criminal attorney who splits time between the office and the courthouse. Both your office staff and the various people you encounter in court expect to see you dressed professionally.

Fail to meet that expectation and you run the risk of projecting a poor first impression. That is a good way to lose respect among your office staff and clients. It is a good way to tarnish your track record at the courthouse.

If people can accurately predict your employment, income, and character traits by looking at your shoes, there's a good chance they can predict other things as well. For example, an attorney whose shoes look like they have been through a war and back is probably one who doesn't pay attention to details. Would you want such an attorney handling your criminal case?

Such a Simple Thing

The good news in all of this is that keeping your shoes looking good is such a simple thing. You clean and polish them when necessary, then protect them with a good pair of waterproof shoe covers whenever you leave your home or office.  The more often you use shoe covers, the less frequently you have to clean and polish your shoes.

Remember that shoes do make the man. But guess what? Shoe covers make the shoes. Therefore, you will do a lot for your professional image by investing in a pair of high-quality shoe covers that will keep moisture, dirt, debris, etc. off your shoes.

We Give You Every Reason

We give you every reason to invest in GC Tech waterproof overshoes. By contrast, some of our competitors give you multiple reasons to avoid shoe covers altogether. Which option does more for your professional image?

Other overshoes are heavy and clunky. Ours are lightweight and comfortable. Other shoe covers are terribly ugly. Ours are sophisticated and stylish. Other overshoes are so poorly made that they wear out or rip after just a few uses. Ours are made with state-of-the-art materials and construction methods designed to ensure GC Tech products last a long time.

The legendary, but fictional, Forrest Gump is quoted as saying, “My Mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. Where they're going, where they've been." It is mighty difficult to argue that point. And that's why shoes truly do make the man.

Do not take any chances with your shoes. Keep them clean and dry with GC Tech waterproof overshoes. Your professional reputation will be better off for it.