If Your Shoes Say Something About You Then So Do Your Shoe Covers

If Your Shoes Say Something About You Then So Do Your Shoe Covers

The Reader's Digest website ran an article in March 2020 discussing what shoes say about a person's personality. The article by contributor Aubrey Almanza is a fascinating read. But it left us thinking a rather profound thought: if your shoes really say something about your personality, so do your shoe covers. Think on that for a bit.

Shoes are like any other piece of clothing in that they demonstrate your style. The shoes you wear on any given occasion can tell people if you are more conservative as opposed to freewheeling. They can also tell people how important shoe quality is to you. We could go on, but the point is that your shoes actually speak volumes.

You Value Your Shoes

To us, the most important aspect of all this is the fact that you value your shoes. That's why you use shoe covers. To you, galoshes are more than just an easy and convenient way to keep your feet dry. They protect the investment you've made in your footwear. We suspect that you are particular about the types of shoes you invest in.

A nice pair of oxfords can mean the difference between completing a business suit and looking like anyone else on the street. Those brand-new oxfords are important to you. You want to protect them. So whenever you go out in any kind of inclement weather, on go the shoe covers. Your decision to cover up demonstrates that those shoes are valuable to you.

Shoes and Individual Personality

The one thing about shoe covers is this: they cover up your style. But no worries. That's why you take them off when you enter a building. And when they do come off, your style shines through. This leads us back to the previously mentioned Reader's Digest post.

Almanza's piece was written mainly to women regarding the different styles of shoes they choose. But many of her points are well taken. For example, she maintains that people who love loafers tend to be "meticulous, perfectionistic, and steadfast." Loafers are apparently appreciated by people who are detailed, driven, and responsible.

If we combine loafers with waterproof shoe covers, we come away with a picture of a person who pays attention to the little things. This is a person who wants his loafers to still look brand-new when he walks into that sales meeting. He is someone who has no intention of representing a client in court while wearing shoes covered with rain spots. In short, he cares.

Different Styles of Shoe Covers

For the record, we carry different styles of shoe covers for men. Perhaps there aren't as many shoe cover styles as there are shoes, but you can choose between slip-on and zip-up models. We call them slips and zips.

Slips go right on – like gloves for you shoes. They are lightweight, breathable, and can stretch enough to accommodate most shoe sizes and styles. We love slips because they go on and off easily. You can be covered up and ready to go with one smooth motion. Taking them off is equally easy.

Zips are also lightweight and breathable. They stretch to accommodate most shoe styles and sizes. The main difference is the side zipper. Because zips tend to be tall enough to reach the ankle, there is extra material to work with. A side zipper closes that material and keeps the shoe cover firmly in place.

Whether you choose slips or zips, shoe covers are clear indication that you care about protecting your shoes. They say something about you that shoes alone cannot.