Not All Shoe Covers Are Made of Rubber

Not All Shoe Covers Are Made of Rubber

Whether you call them men's shoe covers, galoshes or something else, the protective footwear you put over your dress shoes doesn't have to be made of rubber. Shoe covers can be made from state-of-the-art, breathable materials as well. GC Tech products are proof of that.

Rubber and silicone were both excellent materials for men's shoe covers in their respective days. But those days are gone. There is a better way to make shoe covers while limiting rubber exclusively to the soles and treads. The end result is a better pair of shoe covers that are comfortable and stylish without sacrificing performance.

Start With a Breathable Fabric

Making a better pair of men shoe covers starts with a breathable fabric. Fabrics do not hold perspiration in like rubber and silicone. They don't cause the feet to get excessively warm. Best of all, fabrics are a lot more forgiving; they flex a lot more easily than rubber and silicone.

The difference between fabric and rubber is like night and day. Have you ever worn a pair of rubber gloves for cleaning around the house? If so, you know how hot and sweaty they can be. A pair of cloth gloves is a lot more comfortable. The same is true for men's shoe covers made of breathable fabric instead of rubber or silicone.

Go With a Tight Weave

Most fabrics are not naturally resistant to the weather. Because of their makeup, they are prone to allowing water through. While this would seem a negative for designing revolutionary men's shoe covers, there are workarounds. The first workaround is an exceptionally tight weave. The tighter the weave, the less permeable a fabric is.

Canvas is a good example of this principle. The thing that makes canvas so water resistant is its exceptionally tight weave. The threads are so close together that water has a hard time working its way through. The revolutionary fabric we use for our shoe covers boasts a tight weave as well.

Add a Secondary Treatment

While an exceptionally tight weave goes a long way toward making shoe covers weather resistant, the icing on the cake is a secondary treatment that actually repels moisture. It is just what we needed to make an already great design the best it could possibly be.

A tight weave and secondary treatment make our shoe covers resistant to water, snow, and ice. Yet we don't use rubber or silicone for anything other than the sole. The main body of every shoe cover we sell is made of breathable, flexible fabric.

Comfortable and Stylish

Whether you choose slip-on or zip-up men's shoe covers from GC Tech, you will find them both comfortable and stylish. We made them comfortable by making them lightweight and formfitting. Because they are made from flexible fabric, they slip on very easily. And because they are lightweight, they don't inhibit normal walking.

In terms of stylishness, our shoe covers blend seamlessly with your dress slacks and coat. Their formfitting nature prevents our shoe covers from looking bulky or obtrusive. They look like an extension of your dress shoes, and nothing more.

You may have a pair of rubber or silicone galoshes sitting in your closet. If so, we invite you to take a look at a better type of shoe cover. Our slip-on and zip-up shoe covers for men represent the state of the art. We have set the bar higher than it has ever been before. We plan to keep doing so for a long time, ensuring that sophisticated men the world over have choices other than rubber and silicone.