Protection and Style When You Least Expect It

Protection and Style When You Least Expect It

Here at GC Tech, we always appreciate hearing from customers who have purchased and used our revolutionary waterproof shoe covers for men. One such customer wrote to tell us how his shoe covers saved the day when a mountain wedding could have otherwise ruined his shoes long before the ceremony ever started. At the end of his comments, he remarked that "these shoe covers are incredibly useful when you least expect it!"

We appreciate his positive comments. But we will be honest. We had never thought about offering our customers protection and style when they were not expecting it. So we stepped back to think about the implications of this customer's remarks. We now look at our shoe covers in a whole new light.

Take Them Wherever You Go

All our men's shoe covers come with a waterproof carrying bag. You get the bag whether you order slip-on covers or zip-up covers. Not only is the bag stylish in and of itself, but it is also pretty darned handy. It lets you easily take your shoe covers wherever you go.

Picture yourself in the shoes (pardon the pun) of the previously cited GC Tech customer. As a general rule, you take your shoe covers with you whenever you leave the house. You are on your way to a wedding in the mountains, so you toss them in the back seat of the car. When you get to the wedding site, you see what you never expected: a muddy trail leading to the building where the ceremony will take place.

Without your shoe covers, you could very well ruin your dress shoes on the walk up. But with your shoe covers, you are good to go. You get to the end of the muddy trail without nary a scratch, scuff, or speck of dirt. Your shoes are clean even though you were not expecting to need shoe covers when you left your home.

Weather Changes on a Dime

Something else we thought of was how frequently the weather changes. Our company is based in Salt Lake City, Utah, where weather can change on a dime. You can leave your house expecting beautiful blue skies all day long, but then step outside to walk to a meeting downtown only to head right into a rainstorm.

Taking a good pair of shoe covers with you whenever you leave home prepares you for the unexpected. Whether it is an unexpected rainstorm or having to walk through a messy construction site you didn't realize was on your route, your shoes stay clean and dry the whole way.

Better Than Heavy Galoshes

We cannot emphasize enough how important having a handy carrying bag is to our customers. Our shoe covers and a lightweight carrying bag are a much better option than a pair of heavy galoshes that are as cumbersome as they are unattractive. Do you really want to carry big, clunky galoshes wherever you go?

Many professional men don't, which is why they are caught off guard when the unexpected happens. Do not be that kind of guy. Wrap your brain around the fact that the unexpected is so-called for a reason. It occurs whether you are prepared for it or not.

We know of at least one GC Tech customer who is happy that our shoe covers offer protection and style even when the unexpected happens. Follow his lead. Invest in a pair of zip-up or slip-on shoe covers with a waterproof carrying bag. Carry them with you whenever you leave home and you will never be caught off guard again. Your shoes will certainly appreciate it.