Shoe Comfort, Style, or Price: What's Most Important?

Shoe Comfort, Style, or Price: What's Most Important?

We recently did a quick internet news search on the term 'shoes' just to see what would come up. As you might expect, a lot of results had to do with designers and shoe brands releasing their new products for fall. We also ran across a story about a marathon runner who was disqualified for wearing the wrong shoes and a mother whose two young sons barely wear shoes.

Interestingly enough, nearly all the articles encouraging people to buy new shoes had one of three elements in common: comfort, style, or price. As a maker of cutting-edge waterproof shoe covers for men, that got us to wondering whether most men prioritize any one characteristic over another.

1. Shoe Comfort

It would seem that comfort would be high on the list for any man searching for new shoes. After all, walking around all day in uncomfortable shoes makes for a very unpleasant experience. Yet there are men who shoes are terribly uncomfortable. They wear them because they think they have to or just because they can never find the time to go out and buy a new pair.

It turns out that comfort was a big factor when we designed our overshoes. We wanted a design that was so comfortable that our customers would forget they were wearing them. We settled on a design that replaces much of the rubber in most modern galoshes with a lightweight, waterproof fabric. Our overshoes still have rubber soles, though. Combining a waterproof fabric with rubber has allowed us to create a super comfortable overshoe.

2. Shoe Style

Though we tend to downplay the significance shoes have on a person's style, it doesn't change the fact that people really do notice what is on our feet. To some men, especially white-collar professionals, style is important. They want shoes that are aligned with the current trends of the day.

We understand the need for stylish footwear among professional men. We have designed our waterproof shoe covers to complement a man's style rather than detracting from it. In addition, comparing our shoe covers to what the competition offers clearly demonstrates that GC Tech products have a unique style all of their own. They look good even in the worst weather.

3. Shoe Price

There are times when price dictates whether a man will buy a given pair of shoes. Some men will spend whatever it takes to get the shoes they want. Dropping a few hundred dollars on a new pair is par for the course. Other men are restricted to tighter budgets. For them, every new pair represents an investment worth protecting.

Price is important to us as well. We believe our waterproof shoe covers are competitively priced when you compare them with other products of equal quality. Having said that, we also know that our customers could just as well go online and buy a cheap pair of silicone galoshes for less than $10.

This is one product for which we truly believe our customers get what they pay for. A cheap pair of silicone galoshes might only last for a couple of months, if that long. They might not fit all that well and, depending on how the sole is constructed, they might not provide adequate traction.

We have made GC Tech overshoes with high quality materials intended to stand the test of time. You will get many years of reliable service from your investment. We trust you will appreciate our shoe covers whether your priority for new shoes is comfort, style, or price – or even something entirely different.