Slip-On or Zip-Up Shoe Covers: Which Do You Prefer?

Slip-On or Zip-Up Shoe Covers: Which Do You Prefer?

You might think that designing a good pair of men's shoe covers wouldn't take much forethought. If so, you'd be wrong. There are lots of shoe cover options out there. GC Tech set out to make a better shoe cover, better than anything else on the market. To that end, we developed two distinctive styles: slip-on and zip-up.

Do you prefer one style over the other? It's okay if you don't. But if you do, you probably have your reasons. That's great. We developed both styles because we understand that men have their preferences. We give them both styles along with multiple colors to meet a variety of needs.

Slip-On Shoe Covers

The slip-on style is probably that which most men think of when they hear the phrase 'shoe covers'. Back before we were using the more sophisticated term, slip-on covers are often referred to as 'rubbers'. This was due, in part, to the propensity for manufacturers to rely on rubber as the primary construction material.

All of that aside, slip-on shoe covers for men are preferred for their ease-of-use. All it takes is a little practice to be able to slip these covers on and off in seconds. On your way out the door? Have a seat briefly and slip your shoe covers on as easily as your shoes.

When you get to your destination, a slight pull to the rear is followed by a gentle push forward to remove the covers. Store them in the provided storage bag and you're all set to go. Our slip-on shoe covers require very little effort. Yet you still get maximum protection from the soles to the tops of your shoes.

Zip-Up Shoe Covers

Zip-up covers more closely resemble old-school galoshes. The main thing that makes them different is their coverage. Rather than stopping near the top of the shoe, zip-up shoe covers extend to the ankle. They are the more appropriate choice if you are wearing boot-style dress shoes – like chukkas, for example.

Despite the extra coverage and the zipper, zip-up shoe covers are still easy to put on and take off. They slip on just as easily. You only have the added step of pulling up the zipper. That extra step affords extra protection that slip-on shoe covers do not offer.

Accommodating Nearly Every Shoe

We designed our shoe covers for men with the goal of accommodating nearly any type of shoe. Our slip-on and zip-up shoe covers are ideal for protecting oxfords, brogues, derbies, loafers, chukkas, and more. Though we designed them to protect dress shoes, they will work just as effectively if you are wearing sneakers.

Accommodating so many kinds of shoes required us to make our shoe covers a little bit larger. To determine which size is right for you, take a look at the shoes you wear most often. They should all be either the same size or within a half-size of each other. You can compare that size to our size chart for easy reference.

If you frequently wear wingtips or oxfords and your shoe size is at that high-end of either medium or large sizes, you might want to bump up to the next size to accommodate the additional length of these particular shoe styles.

So, do you prefer one type of shoe cover over the other? Whether it's slip-on or zip-up covers for you, you get the best covers in the industry from GC Tech. Our shoe covers were designed by professionals just like you. Professionals who understand the necessity of protecting your dress shoes against the weather.