So Light and Breathable You'll Forget You're Wearing Them

So Light and Breathable You'll Forget You're Wearing Them

A lot of time and effort went into designing our men's waterproof shoe covers. We wanted a product that was just as effective as 100% rubber overshoes but lighter and less cumbersome than old-fashioned galoshes, footwear that are more boots than anything else. So we settled on design that includes a high-tech, breathable fabric that is also weather resistant.

Our designers came up with an overshoe that is so light and breathable you'll forget you're wearing it. We couldn't be more thrilled. That was the point. We wanted overshoes for men that don't get in the way, don't make it more difficult to walk, and don't up being too uncomfortable to wear. Our design team hit the nail right on the head.

Easy Walking Is a Must

Among the many requirements we gave our design team was the requirement to create men's overshoes that were easy to walk in. That was a must. Why? Because our company founder started GC Tech out of a desire to come up with a better men's overshoe. With decades of experience in the professional world, he knew all too well how difficult it can be to walk in some types of galoshes.

The last thing you need when you are walking from your car to the office is having to think about picking up your feet so that you don't scuffed them on the pavement. You do not need to be battling with your overshoes while you're holding your umbrella in one hand and your briefcase in the other. You don't want to have to be concentrating so hard on walking that everything else gets thrown out the window.

Making our shoe covers with a light and breathable fabric does two things. First, it makes them lighter than full-size galoshes. Second, it makes them more formfitting, which also makes them easier to walk in.

You Don't Need a Tripping Hazard

By their nature, men's overshoes have to be slightly larger than the shoes they cover. And for sizing reasons, overshoe products tend to be slightly longer in the toe. This can create a tripping hazard if you're not careful. That is why it's so important to buy the size most appropriate to your shoe size.

At any rate, having overshoes that fit more snugly around your regular shoes reduces the trip-and-fall risk. Again, that was a must have when we put our design team to work on GC Tech shoe covers. We don't want our customers tripping all over themselves while walking down the street.

Tough and Durable

Our design team hit upon a nice benefit when they came up with the materials for our men's overshoes. That benefit was toughness and durability. Super-thin rubber overshoes that fit tightly over your regular shoes absolutely keep the rain out. But they are so thin that they are prone to ripping and tearing after just a short time.

GC Tech overshoes are less prone to that sort of thing thanks to the durable fabric body and tough rubber sole. You will get many seasons of reliable service out of just one pair. Imagine that! An overshoe so light and breathable you'll forget you're wearing it, along with toughness and durability to boot.

We realize you have many choices in terms of waterproof overshoes. We hope you will consider GC Tech products before you purchase. Our overshoes were designed with the modern professional in mind. They were commissioned by a business professional with firsthand knowledge of protecting his dress shoes in bad weather. If nothing else, we know men's waterproof shoe covers.