The Professional Gentleman's Guide to Wearing Socks

The Professional Gentleman's Guide to Wearing Socks

Most of what we discuss in our blog posts relates to shoes. That makes sense, given that we sell waterproof shoe covers for men. Our shoe covers come in slip-on and zip-up models for your convenience. With all that said, we want to change gears for this post. Let us talk socks instead.

Professional gentlemen need to look good from head to toe. So it's not okay to ignore your socks. Just because your shoes cover your feet and your pants cover your ankles – while you're standing – doesn't mean your socks are unimportant. You will sit down at some point. And when you do, your socks will be on full display.

To help you keep things in perspective, here is our guide to wearing socks:

Socks Should Always Be Clean

It goes without saying that professional gentlemen must wear clean clothes to project the right image. Unfortunately, some men do not apply this rule to their socks based on the misunderstanding that no one will ever see them. But as we just discussed, sitting down blows that idea out of the water.

A man's socks should always be clean. They should never be stained, either. This gives you a very good reason to wear zip-up shoe covers that protects up to the ankle. Zip-up shoe covers will keep your socks clean when you are walking in inclement weather.

Colors Should Never Clash

Men are known to struggle with color coordination. In light of that, the second most important rule to choosing socks is making sure colors do not clash. If your suit is primarily warm colors, choose socks with warm colors as well. Follow the same advice if your suit is a cool color.

If you are ever unsure about mixing different colors between suit and socks, you're better off going with different shades of the same color. Your best bet is a lighter shade for your suit and a darker shade for your socks.

Never Wear White

White socks are not appropriate in a professional setting unless you're wearing a white suit. Though there are some white dress socks, most white socks are athletic socks. That's why they don't belong with a suit and a pair of dress shoes. Leave the white socks for your blue jeans and gym shorts. In a professional setting, you need colored socks.

Be Very Cautious with Argyle

Argyle socks were all the rage among professional gentleman a decade ago. Some still wear them, but their popularity has faded a bit. That's good. Why? Because argyle is extremely difficult to pull off in a professional setting. Most argyle styles are much too busy for business suits.

If you do choose to go with argyle, pay special attention to color coordination. Avoid socks with more than three different colors. If the colors can all be different shades of the same base color, consider it a bonus. The most color-neutral argyle patterns are the safest for formal attire.

If They Don't Stay Up, Don't Wear Them

Finally, the dress socks you wear with a suit should stay up on their own. If you are always having to pull them up, don't bother wearing them. Pulling up your socks in a formal setting just gives the wrong impression. The same goes for not pulling them up when they are continually falling down. The simple rule is this: you can't win with socks that won't stay up on their own.

And now you know the basics of wearing socks. Remember, your socks are as important as your shoes. Protect them both with GC Tech waterproof shoe covers for men.