There Has to Be a Better Way to Protect Your Shoes

There Has to Be a Better Way to Protect Your Shoes

Boots, galoshes, and overshoes were well-established long before GC Tech came to be. When we started our company, it wasn't just to make another pair of galoshes similar to what everyone else was making. Rather, we wanted to do something different. Our company founder had been wearing galoshes for years. He believed there had to be a better way to protect his shoes.

We found that better way by picking apart the different types of galoshes and overshoes professional men typically wear. We looked at the good; we looked at the bad. Then we combined what we learned with our own ideas of what makes for a truly good shoe cover men would actually enjoy wearing. GC Tech zip-up and slip-on shoe covers are the result of all that work.

The better way we found is built on the following five concepts:

1. Weather Resistance

It goes without saying that any pair of galoshes or overshoes has to be weather resistant. In fairness, almost every other product we looked at meets this standard. We were not surprised. If you are going to make a pair of galoshes or overshoes that you expect professional men to wear, they have to keep the weather out.

The unique appeal of GC Tech covers is how they achieve weather resistance. Rather than making our products entirely of silicone or rubber, we use a state-of-the-art, weather-resistant fabric. That makes a difference. More on that in a minute.

2. Easy on and Off

Make a pair of boots or galoshes difficult to get on and off and people will not wear them. After all, we live in a convenience-based world driven by efficiency. No professional man wants to wrangle with a pair of boots that require enough effort to break a sweat. We solved that problem with a design that makes it easy to use our waterproof shoe covers regardless of whether you choose the slip-on or zip-up style.

3. Breathable Design

The weather resistant fabric previously mentioned comes into play with this next concept: breathable design. Other boots and galoshes made exclusively of silicone and rubber do not allow airflow. They don't allow heat to escape. As such, your feet cannot breathe. That's not the case with GC Tech men shoe covers. Our weather-resistant fabric is also breathable. It keeps the weather out but still allows air to escape.

4. Stretch Fit

Next, we designed our shoe covers with a stretch fit. By contrast, rain boots do not stretch. Cheap silicone galoshes do, but they are more likely to rip or split open while you're trying to stretch them over certain kinds of dress shoes. We don't think either choice is good. On the other hand, GC Tech offers the durability of rain boots and the stretch fit of rubber galoshes. You get both in a much more durable package.

5. Anti-Slip Tread

Finally, we knew our men's shoe covers had to be safe to wear in all sorts of weather. We designed safety into them with an anti-slip rubber tread that channels away water and while maintaining good contact with the pavement. Our anti-slip tread is based on the same no-slip principles employed by makers of commercial floor mats.

Men's boots, galoshes, and overshoes, come in all sorts of styles. None of them give you the entire package like GC Tech waterproof shoe covers for men. We knew there had to be a better way to protect dress shoes when we first started designing our product. Years later, we are more confident than ever that we nailed it.