What Your Shoes Look Like Says a Lot About You

What Your Shoes Look Like Says a Lot About You

Regular readers of our blog posts know full well that it is important for professional men to take care of their shoes. It's just not smart for an attorney or business professional to go into an important meeting wearing shoes covered with water spots and salt stains. Why? Because what your shoes look like says something about you.

Do not assume this to mean that every pair of shoes should always look brand-new. That's not true. There are some types of shoes that, if they always looked clean and freshly polished, would suggest that the owner is not using them the way they were intended. That could be just as damaging to his reputation as walking into court in rain-soaked wingtips.

Below is a list of shoes most men are familiar with. Perhaps you own a pair of each. At any rate, what each pair looks like says something about you and how you use your shoes.

Dress Shoes

We start with dress shoes because these are the shoes most likely to be protected with GC Tech shoe covers for men. Dress shoes are worn to work by professional men every day. But that's not all. They are also worn to weekly church services, family gatherings, weddings and funerals, and even PTA meetings.

Dirty and stained dress shoes don't look good under any circumstances. They suggest that the man wearing them doesn't make the effort to keep them clean. They suggest a lack of effort in other areas of a man's life. They suggest a lack of attention to detail, a lack of concern over wasting money, and more.

Deck Shoes

Professional men often wear deck shoes in more casual environments. A clean and pristine pair of deck shoes can indicate a man's willingness to take good care of his wardrobe. But they also suggest that the man in question doesn't do a whole lot of sailing.

Even well cared for deck shoes show signs of weathering when worn by genuine sailors. It is unavoidable. A man wearing clean and pristine decks either doesn't sail at all or keeps his sailing pair hidden away when he's not on board.


If there is one type of shoe that occupies that middle ground between pristine and looking worn, it is the sneaker. Sneakers are the go-to footwear for leisure activity. Some men want their sneakers to be as clean and shiny as their dress shoes. Others prefer some dirt and grime.

Worn and dirty sneakers tell the world that you are not afraid to play hard. On the other hand, well cared for sneakers can make you look like a well-dressed man even when shorts and a golf shirt are the day's dress. Where sneakers are concerned, you really can go either way.

Work Boots

Blue-collar workers who wear work boots every day would be expected to don footwear that looks somewhat dirty and rough around the edges. The harder the job, the worse for wear work boots tend to look. But what about professional men who only wear work boots on the weekends?

A professional wearing a pair of pristine work boots outside of the office isn't fooling anyone. Work boots don't stay in good condition if you're actually working in them. Doing actual work gets them dirty. It scuffs the leather and beats up the souls.

What your shoes look like say a lot about you. If you are a professional man, you need your shoes to say good things. Invest in a pair of GC Tech shoe covers to keep them looking like new.