Why Is Everybody Staring at My Shoes?

Why Is Everybody Staring at My Shoes?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt like everybody was staring at you? It can be kind of creepy. You feel like all eyes are on you because your wet shoes betray the fact that you just came in from the rain. Still, you are not really sure. You just know that any attention is unwanted attention. You keep asking yourself, "Why is everybody staring at my shoes?"

Being self-conscious in the midst of a room of people doesn't have to involve your shoes. It could be anything. Shoes are the subject of this post because our business is covering them. GC Tech makes protecting your shoes with waterproof shoe covers our number one priority. Our shoe covers eliminate the need to wonder why people are staring at your feet.

What if they are?

To illustrate the point of what we do, let us get back to the original idea of walking into a room filled with people after coming in out of the rain. What if people really are staring at your shoes? Well, it's probably because they are wet and dirty. The rest of you is clean and dry, but they have noticed that you've tracked water into the room. One sign of water and all eyes go right to your shoes.

You don't need that kind of attention. Moreover, what starts out as curiosity may become a whole lot worse. After all, you are a professional. Walking into a room with wet and dirty shoes could give the impression that you are not the kind of person other professionals want to do business with. Wet shoes might lead them to believe that you don't pay attention to details.

What if they aren't?

On the other hand, the overwhelming self-consciousness you are experiencing could be just the product of your imagination. What if people aren't really staring at your shoes? In that case, you just think they are. But that says something. It says you actually care about your appearance.

You care enough that having wet and dirty shoes is pretty much anathema. You are self-conscious because you don't want others seeing you not at your best. You work hard to make sure you are well put together whenever you're out in a formal environment. You dread presenting any other image.

What's the solution?

Whether or not people are really staring at your shoes, the solution is the same: never give yourself opportunity to have wet shoes in the first place. Do not go into court with your feet soaking wet. Do not attend a board meeting wearing shoes covered in water stains and salt. It's really that simple.

To pull this off, you have one of three choices. Your first choice is to carry a spare set of shoes wherever you go. If the ones you're wearing get wet or dirty, put on the clean pair before you go to meet other people.

Your second choice is to invest in a clumsy pair of galoshes. Generic galoshes are a dime a dozen. They work, but they don't tend to be the most comfortable footwear. They also aren't all that stylish.

Your third choice is to invest in a pair of waterproof shoe covers from GC Tech. Our shoe covers offer a comfortable and snug fit. They are lightweight, durable, and made from a state of the art fabric that keeps water out yet still lets your feet breathe. And yes, they are stylish.

Protect your shoes with a good pair of covers and you will never have to ask yourself, "Why is everybody staring at my shoes?" Done and done.