Why We Chose a Soft-Shell Fabric for Our Shoe Covers

Why We Chose a Soft-Shell Fabric for Our Shoe Covers

When we first designed our waterproof shoe covers for men, we could have settled on rubber or silicone as the primary material. After all, both are well received by customers. But we wanted something more. We wanted something better. So we chose a soft-shell fabric instead.

Our fabric is a truly high-tech product that works extremely well to resist water, ice, and snow. You might think it impossible to make a good pair of men's shoe covers out of fabric, but we've done it. We have proved that the right kind of fabric can be every bit as good as rubber and silicone, if not better.

Here are four reasons we chose to go with fabric:

1. Fabric Is Breathable

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of rubber and silicone galoshes is the amount of heat they retain. To be as blunt as possible, they make your feet hot and all the consequences thereof. Rubber and silicone trap heat. We chose a soft-shell fabric to alleviate that problem. It turns out we made the right choice.

Fabric is exponentially more breathable; it allows for air circulation; it allows heat to escape. And because it fits more loosely than rubber and silicone, the fabric also allows for air circulation between your foot and the overshoe.

2. Fabric Is More Comfortable

Our customers don't realize just how uncomfortable rubber overshoes are until they try a pair of our men's shoe covers. Once they go GC Tech, there's no going back. The difference in comfort is comparable to the difference between rubber and fabric work gloves. Which would you rather wear?

3. Fabric Is Easier to Work With

Our design team considered ease-of-use in terms of slipping shoe covers on and off. As users ourselves, we were fully aware of how difficult it can be to get a pair of rubber or silicone shoe covers on. Forget about doing so quickly. Often times you find yourself struggling against rubber that is too stiff or silicone that is to floppy.

A soft-shell fabric occupies that perfect middle ground. It is stiff enough to maintain its shape as you put your shoe covers on or take them off. It is flexible enough to allow the shoe covers to slip right on without having to fight with them. Our shoe covers are so easy to use that they slip on and off in seconds.

4. Fabric Looks A Lot Better

We did not focus exclusively on function when we designed our men's waterproof shoe covers. Function was a priority, but so was style. And we decided that a soft-shell fabric just looks better than rubber and silicone. We think most of our customers would agree.

We don't mind saying that rubber and silicone galoshes are less than attractive. What business professional wants to show up for board meeting sporting two hunks of rubber on his feet? What attorney wants to be seen wearing a fine business suit accented by cheap silicone galoshes?

Fabric shoe covers are a lot more stylish. They are formfitting without being exceptionally tight, making them appear as though they are an extension of your dress shoes. Designed in basic black, our shoe covers also go with anything you might be wearing.

Making our shoe covers with a soft-shell fabric was not accidental. We did not just stumble across the idea and decide to give it a try. Rather, we purposely chose fabric for the reasons described in this post. We think it was the right choice, hands down. Give our men's shoe covers a try and see if you agree.