Winter Is Coming: Don't Venture Outside Treadless

Winter Is Coming: Don't Venture Outside Treadless

Summer was great, wasn't it? Now that fall is here, we have recent memories to look back on and winter problems to worry about. No doubt winter is on its way. And with it will come plenty of snow and ice. Winter is not the season to venture outside in treadless shoes, that's for sure.

Here at GC Tech, we make men's slip-on and zip-up shoe covers primarily to protect shoes against the elements. We do not want your beautiful oxfords to be ruined by water, road salt, and other nasties. At the same time, we also don't want you to slip and fall. That's why our shoe covers feature a state-of-the-art anti-slip tread.

You never know when winter walks will lead you to snow and ice. It could be a fairly dry day without a hint of precipitation, yet the temperatures are cold enough to let yesterday's snow and ice stay on the ground indefinitely. You still have to be careful. You still need some sort of tread to keep your feet from slipping out from underneath you.

Shoe Soles and Friction

It is fascinating to look at walking through the lens of physics. Every time you step on the ground, friction is created between the ground surface and the sole of your shoe. That friction is what keeps you upright. It is what prevents your shoe from sliding along the ground and sending you into a tailspin.

The big issue with dress shoes is that their soles are smooth. There is no tread to speak of. It's not a big deal indoors, and you don't have much trouble walking on perfectly dry pavement. But introduce a little water, snow, or ice, and you suddenly have a big problem.

Water, snow, and ice prevent the soles of your shoes from making firm contact with the ground. The less contact, the less friction. The less friction, the less stable your feet are as you walk across the pavement. Sufficient instability will have you slipping and sliding all the way. If you are unlucky, you might even fall.

Why dress shoes are treadless remains a mystery. Nonetheless, they are. That's why we recommend not walking around outdoors during the winter months without some sort of treaded footwear. We can think of no better footwear for your dress shoes than our own waterproof shoe covers.

The Anti-Slip Tread

We designed our trend around well-known principles the footwear industry has been using for generations. For starters, we chose a tread pattern that forces water and snow to be channeled away while still maintaining sufficient contact between tread and pavement. Our tread design does for you what the treads on your tires do for your car.

Secondly, we chose rubber as the primary sole material because it creates a lot of friction when it comes in contact with asphalt and concrete. It offers a fantastic grip on dry pavement. Its grip only improves when the pavement gets wet. As a side note, rubber is the same material that gives floor mats their no-slip properties.

You Still Have Time

We really don't want to see you walking around this winter without treads. It is just not safe once the snow begins to fly. The good news is that you still have time to get yourself a good pair of shoe covers. But don't wait too long. The snow and ice will be here before you know it.

Remember, your shoes need treads to maintain good friction with the ground. Give your smooth-soled dress shoes the necessary grip with a good pair of shoe covers.