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Lightweight, breathable and seam-sealed soft-shell fabric. Superior weather resistant materials and performance traction in rain and snow. Stretches to fit most shoes and styles for easy on and off. Waterproof bag for discrete and clean storage.

Buy Waterproof Slip Over Shoes in London & Seattle

Seamless, Stylish, and Safe Waterproof Slip Over Shoes

Walking on snow, slippery ground, rainy weather, and dusty outback are frustrating and dangerous. One way or another, your precious shoes depreciate faster or expose you to injury-prone falls. Yet, with a practical, easy-to-use, and all-weather overshoe slip-on, you are sorted and covered. 

Walk with assurance, safety, and confidence in every step across seasons with the traction-safe overshoes. You can bet every step is covered in a breathable, stretchable, weather-resistant, anti-slip tread and easy to slip on shoe covers.

They are comfortable for every shoe design and size and will ensure your style sense is retained. And whether it is business casual or casual, you have got it all sorted. And best of all, you can carry your overshoes stylishly with a free waterproof and trendy carry bag. There’s charisma and persona in every black, olive, titanium overshoe accessory that makes you a walking fashion reference point.   

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Waterproof Carry Bag

Every pair of GC Tech Waterproof Shoe Covers also includes a free waterproof carry bag! Safely slip your shoe covers inside your jacket at your big event, or just keep them together in your closet. Just feel confident knowing your shoe covers are as protected as the shoes they cover.