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Lightweight, breathable and seam-sealed soft-shell fabric. Superior weather resistant materials and performance traction in rain and snow. Stretches to fit most shoes and styles for easy on and off. Waterproof bag for discrete and clean storage.


Overshoe Galoshes for Men in Chicago & Boston

Stay Dry with All-Weather Overshoes for Men

Beautifully crafted to give your shoes the care and love they need across all weather, you can rest assured all is dry and well. Galoshes are rubber shoes that are slipped over another original pair of shoes to prevent fast depreciation in bad weather. With the best galoshes shoe covers, you have high-quality, non-stop comfort anywhere and anytime.

They are breathable, flexible, weather resistant, and easy to slip on and off with advanced anti-slip tread technology for solid footsteps. No matter the weather, you can walk without staggering or slipping while ensuring your shoe is 100% protected.

Waterproof Overshoes for you

From design options ranging from slip-on to zip-up, make an impressive statement in slip-on olive, black, and titanium with precise fit stretch. With zip-up olive, black and titanium leave a characteristic style mantra. Every footstep has a mark of characteristic timeless style. Moreover, a stylish waterproof carry bag makes carry out convenient, discrete, and comfortable.   

With these finely designed men’s waterproof overshoes, you classically retain your best style while not compromising the quality of your shoes. Weather cannot hold you back from setting the fashion Fahrenheit alight with matching classic overshoes and accessories.  

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Waterproof Carry Bag

Every pair of GC Tech Waterproof Shoe Covers also includes a free waterproof carry bag! Safely slip your shoe covers inside your jacket at your big event, or just keep them together in your closet. Just feel confident knowing your shoe covers are as protected as the shoes they cover.