Easy Use vs. Anti-Slip: Which Is More Important to You?

Easy Use vs. Anti-Slip: Which Is More Important to You?

Here at GC Tech, one of our main priorities is making sure our shoe covers for men meet the exacting standards of our clients. We get that men willing to invest in waterproof overshoes to protect their dress shoes are the same men for home quality is not negotiable. They know what they want, and they expect to get it.

We have gone to great lengths to design some great features into our products. As a consumer, what features are most important to you? Today we want to look at easy use versus an anti-slip trend. If you had to choose one over the other, what would your choice be?

Easy Use

Easy use is mainly about how easily shoe covers go on and off. Take a minute and try to remember when you were a kid. If you are like most of us who lived in bad weather environments, you owned a pair of clunky boots you wore over your school shoes. You wore them in the rain and snow. And some days, you needed a Herculean effort to get them on and off.

As a business professional, you certainly don't want to have to put forth that same kind of effort with your overshoes. Not only do you have more important things to worry about, but you also don’t have the time to struggle with shoe covers. You want them to go on quickly and easily. You want them to come off just as easily.

GC Tech offers both slip-on and zip-up overshoes to accommodate a variety of dress and casual shoes underneath. We purposely designed our products to slip on and off easily. One of the ways we have accomplished this is through a space-age material that stretches. You do not have to fight with the overshoes because the fabric is flexible enough to work with you rather than against you.

Anti-Slip Tread

Designing our waterproof shoe covers with an anti-slip tread was truly a safety issue. Even if we hadn't designed any other great features into our products, we would have included this one. The last thing we want is for our customers to slip and injure themselves wearing a pair of our overshoes.

An anti-slip tread is to a pair of overshoes what deep treads are to your car tires. A tread channels water away so that the rubber surface makes direct contact with the pavement underneath. This is how both your feet and your car tires maintain contact with the pavement.

Men's dress shoes tend to be treadless. They feature smooth soles that easily slip on wet or snowy pavement. For that reason alone, professional men need a pair of waterproof shoe covers for inclement weather. Walking down the street with uncovered dress shoes is a recipe for disaster.

You Don't Have to Choose

The best thing about  GC Tech waterproof shoe covers is that you don't have to choose between ease-of-use and an anti-slip tread. You get both, and more, from every pair of overshoes you buy from us. Not only that, but you also get additional features like a breathable fabric, excellent weather resistance, and more.

Our shoe covers come in multiple sizes, styles, and colors. We recommend a zip-up shoe cover for larger shoes that rise just above the ankles. Slip-on shoe covers are more appropriate to shoes that don't cover the ankle. And don't forget, our waterproof shoe covers are not just a good idea for your dress shoes. They also protect your casual shoes, your sneakers, and anything else you might decide to wear on your feet!