Why GC Tech Made Comfort a Priority

Why GC Tech Made Comfort a Priority

If you check out the 'About' page here on our website, you will discover that Dennis and Debra Haslam founded GC Tech. You will also discover why they founded the company. It boiled down to being unhappy with the "bulky, cumbersome galoshes" that dominated the men's shoe cover market. They wanted something better. They want something more comfortable.

As far as shoe covers go, traditional galoshes get the job done. But they are difficult to wear. They are big and bulky. They are heavy. Worst of all, you cannot put them on and forget about them. Every step you take reminds you that you are wearing something unnatural on your feet.

Enter GC Tech waterproof shoe covers for men. They are purposely designed to be the opposite of those bulky and cumbersome galoshes the Haslam’s wanted to replace. They are durable, lightweight, breathable, and weather resistant. And yes, they are quite comfortable.

Footwear Affects Your Health

When the Haslam’s began working with Coleman Horn to come up with their revolutionary shoe covers, they were keenly aware of the relationship between footwear and health. Interestingly enough, a lot of people do not know how vital one's choice of shoes affects the rest of the body.

Check out these foot facts; they explain why:

  • The feet contain 25% of the bones in the body 
  • The feet encompass 60 joints, 200 muscles, and 8,000 nerves 
  • The average person takes between 8,000 and 10,000 steps daily 
  • Some 90% of people experience foot problems 
  • The majority of foot deformities can be linked to bad shoes.

By now you might be wondering what any of this has to do with waterproof shoe covers. It is simple. You can have the finest pair of dress shoes on the market and still risk foot health by wearing big, bulky galoshes that do not fit well.

Uncomfortable Feet Are Not Good

If your feet are uncomfortable, the rest of you is likely to be uncomfortable as well. It is no wonder the U.S. military puts so much time and effort into shoe development. The last thing they need is our men and women in uniform worrying about how their feet feel when they should be focused on other things.

Poorly fitting and uncomfortable footwear can lead to:

  • back and foot problems 
  • joint problems and pain 
  • increased risk of falling 
  • impaired balance and poor posture.

Understand that your shoe covers are an extension of the shoes on your feet. So just in terms of your risk of falling, what you choose to wear as a shoe cover makes a significant difference. A big and clunky pair of galoshes that take a lot of effort to walk in put you at risk. All it would take is one step for which you didn't fully pick up your foot to send you crashing to the ground.

Comfort, Safety, and Good Health

We designed our waterproof shoe covers to be comfortable with the understanding that foot comfort affects your safety and overall health. We do not want you tripping and falling over heavy galoshes while you're walking down the street. We do not want you developing foot and joint pain as a result of galoshes that are too heavy.

GC Tech slip-on and zip-up waterproof shoe covers could very well be the most comfortable shoe covers on the market. They are made with lightweight and breathable material that is still weather resistant. And though slightly larger than your dress shoes, they fit more closely and naturally than standard galoshes. You might even forget you are wearing them.